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Tuesday, July 20

~ miss u too ~

i'm really miss u dear.. when u come back to Malaysia, please see me ok?
hm..don't know how to write when using fully english in writing my blog. but,i'm trying to improve my writing  n my english. yeah,i feel quite difficult to write in english rather than speak in english. try n always try..never give up till the end.

straight to the point, last week my best fren was calling me. i miss her so much until when hearing her voice on the phone, i become over exited..haha..long time no see{if i'm not mistaken,last i see her 2 n half year ago}.
zira, i know you're not really happy there..but fight the feeling ok? STICK TO THE FIGHT WHEN YOU'RE HARDEST HIT!...this word is so mean to me n now i want to pass this word to you..remember it always ok?

maybe we're not always see each other..but we can always pray to each other..that's the key of friendship..
btw,thanks for the gift u brought for me..really love it..

" can't wait tosee you soon dear"

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